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Farmer saves time and no worries

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 16/05/16 16:48

Young sheep and beef farmer Amanda Anderson had a painful experience of losing all her farm information. 

But now she's got it securely stored and is saving time too, with new farm management software.

Amanda had built up a number of spreadsheets with farm information such as lamb growth rates that she could refer back to.

She was keen to have good figures at her fingertips. It's something she picked up from a year at uni and working with an experienced farm manager who has become a mentor.

Then she lost it all with a computer virus. “I lost everything – that was close to three years of farm information gone.”

After that, she was determined to find software that gives her good recording and reporting, is straightforward to use and will keep it all safe and secure. 

Now in an equity partnership with her parents on their Heriot property, she’s using purpose-built farm software for all their farm recording and reporting. No more getting hit by computer viruses or hard-drive melt-downs! 


She’s finding that keeping these good records with the software takes less than half the time compared to when she ran her own spreadsheets. “It means I am not sitting on the computer at night too."

“And I’m using the mobile app with a smartphone. I swore I would never use one, but now I wouldn’t live without it.”

With the new software it is easier to share farm information as log-in access can be given to anyone associated with the farm. “When family members ask a question I can say, ‘Go in and look – all the information is there.’ It saves me having to send an email with an attachment. And they don’t have to load up any software or updates.”

“This software helps you keep a good farm record as you try new things or the environment changes... Figures can tell you a story – or tell you where there’s a story."

This season she is recording as they try an area of fodder beet for the first time. And the lamb growth figures are confirming the farm is recovering after being “ravaged” by clover root weevil for four years. “I like having an up-to-date stock rec at my fingertips too.”

Amanda feels it’s giving her a good start in farming.

Want to save time and have no worries about your farm recording? Check out this farm management software...

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