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Keep a realtime stock rec

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 08/06/16 11:38

Keeping a realtime stock reconciliation online means it will show you what's actually on the farm at any time.

FarmIQ helps keep your tallies up to dateThat makes monthly or end-of-year reporting easy.

Now is a particularly good time to get set up for this, with the new financial year starting.

An online stock rec report will show you the latest tallies based on any information you have recorded – firstly details of existing stock and then births, deaths, sales and purchases as they occur over time. 

When farm staff are out on the farm they can use simple forms on a mobile phone to do this recording, or you have the option of entering stock information on a desktop computer.

The stock rec report will show stock numbers by animal type and by stock class.

You can view numbers of animals at the beginning and end of a specified date period and also the changes that have occurred between these dates. 

You can also choose to view animals by ownership – which will include animals from your farm that are grazing off. Alternatively, you can view what is on the farm – which would include animals from other farms grazing on your farm.

Stock rec figures are key inputs into packages for farm accounting or feed budgeting, so look out for data links from your farm management software so you can transfer figures across without having to re-enter them. Again, making it easy. 

The Stock rec report can also be exported either to Excel or as a PDF.

Want to know more about the farm management software that will give you this realtime stock rec as well as data links to Cashmanager Rural and Farmax?

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