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Keep a realtime stock rec

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 08/06/16 11:38

Keeping a realtime stock reconciliation online means it will show you what's actually on the farm at any time.

FarmIQ helps keep your tallies up to dateThat makes monthly or end-of-year reporting easy.

Now is a particularly good time to get set up for this, with the new financial year starting.


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Animal health report spurs farm actions

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 06/10/14 13:36


The management team at Whangara Farms knew there was some liver fluke in their stock, but new online trend reporting has given them a more accurate picture.

Liver fluke is a ‚Äúregional problem", says Richard Scholefield, general manager of the large Maori-owned East Coast property.

He and the managers of the five Whangara blocks have been thinking more about it recently, after seeing new online trend reporting on Whangara stock sent for slaughter. This showed up quite a high level of liver fluke in their cattle, compared to a national benchmark.


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