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Farm recording helps build asset for future

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 27/04/17 17:00

The Douglas-Clifford family believe in building their farm asset over time – and that now includes using farm software to build an online farm record.

The family, who were recently named winners of the Canterbury Ballance Farm Environment Award, run 22,000 stock units of sheep, beef and deer on 3000ha Stonyhurst on the coast south of Cheviot. 

Charles Douglas-Clifford returned home with his wife Erin five years ago and has overseen the day-to-day farm management of Stonyhurst since then. He is the sixth generation on the property. The family chose a good spot – the long, narrow farm has rolling hills going down to coastal cliffs and they look out across Pegasus Bay.


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Building good paddock records

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 27/11/16 17:51

Recording paddock information with farm software is now second nature for David Acland and his team on Mt Somers Station.

It means the information is easy to access when needed for a range of purposes, he says.

Mt Somers employs 11 people working fulltime, including David, and contractors are brought in for applying fertiliser, spraying, making baleage and pasture renovation.


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Farmer puts away spreadsheets

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 14/10/15 17:37

Canterbury farm manager Hamish Chamberlain has put aside his spreadsheets this season. Instead, he is using online farm management software to help him manage finishing around 12,000 stock units.

He’s also using the software to produce the new kind of maps required for Farm Environment planning.

“I was looking for a system to simplify things,” says Hamish, who runs a 520ha property near Cheviot with one shepherd.


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