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Farmers use software for health & safety

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 04/04/16 16:29

Communication in farm workplaces has become more important with the Health and Safety at Work Act that came into effect on 4 April.

The new legislation has mostly not altered farmers’ responsibility to manage risk and ensure safety on farms. The main difference is now almost everyone on the farm has a role.

This comes down to communication, and farmers are looking to new farm management software to help.

Two farmers say software helps them work with staff and visitors to improve safety and make sure there are “no surprises”.


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Software helps steer the farm business

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 22/07/15 12:11

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operation of a farm – there’s always plenty going on. But there’s a need to keep a hand on the steering wheel and make plans.

This is particularly the case when you want to develop or increase the size of your farm business, says Otago farmer Jeff Cleveland. “We sit down and think about what we want to do. We set goals and then make a plan for how we want to go about achieving them.”   


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