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Software designed by Tony and other farmers

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 21/02/18 13:59

Tony O’Boyle is one of hundreds of New Zealand farmers and rural professionals who have helped design farm software to make sure it meets farmers' future needs.

A Wairarapa farmer and company director, Tony was involved in development of the FarmIQ software, which is now being used on drystock and dairy farms, as well as in agribusiness.

Tony says he’s very pleased with how the software has turned out. It’s in daily use on Marangai Station, the 930ha property he has owned with his wife Pattie for 10 years. “Everyone at Marangai has the FarmIQ app on their phone.”

He is one of many farmers who have done their bit – giving the on-farm perspective and putting forward ideas as well as providing feedback when they’ve used a new feature. For his part Tony had a formal role as a member of the FarmIQ Technical Advisory Group that was set up in 2011, before the initial development phase.


Looking back, he says FarmIQ has succeeded in achieving his main objective: “Yeah definitely. I was always keen to have one industry standard repository for all farm information – so a farmer can get all their information into one place at one time.”


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Software drives dairy farm profitability

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 03/12/17 18:57

Northland dairy farmer Jared Going says using farm management software is helping him drive profitability.

Jared took over the family farm at Maromaku, 30 minutes north of Whangarei, in 2004 and runs it with two staff. He’s using an app to record “everything that happens on the farm” to give him insights to make informed decisions.

“And it’s easy to meet legal requirements. For example, we use it for timesheets for the boys. They are responsible for putting the information in and then I approve it. It’s all there; it’s easy. It just adds the information in to the whole farming system.”

It just doesn’t make sense to record on paper any more, he says. “The app’s simple and easy to use – a piece of cake. You enter information straight in and you can view it straight away. You can look at it at the click of a button.


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Mythbusting on the farm

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 13/07/16 14:15

Rakaia Gorge farmer Paul Ensor is using farm software to help him bust myths on his farm.

Glenaan runs 5650 stock units of sheep – including nearly 3000 ultra-fine Merino ewes as well as cattle – on 1035ha of high-country land in the Rakaia Gorge.

They have used farm management software over the past few years to benchmark livestock performance and understand opportunities, and also to do some “mythbusting” around the value of inputs. 


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