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Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 25/07/17 12:48

Using farm management software is ideal for a farming business that aims to get the best out of its land, says Hawkes Bay dairy farmer Lewis Knauf.

Wairua Dairies, 40km from Hastings, milk 1600 cows and raise their own replacements as well as running a significant cropping programme. Lewis is the operations manager for the farm, which employs 12 staff. It was originally purchased by his parents Ivan and Sue in 2001 and is owned by a family company.

It’s a big and busy farming operation. “If you look at the farm calendar, there’s not many days where there’s nothing happening.” This includes irrigating more than half of the 645ha-effective area and about 160ha of cropping a year, mainly maize and fodder beet, along with lucerne, rape and winter oats.


Lewis chose software that he could use to set up better paddock recording. 


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