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Farm software means no surprises

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 01/08/16 19:04

Using farm management software to track stock and paddocks means “no surprises”, says a Wairarapa farm manager who is part of a corporate farming operation.

Ian Evans runs 4200 stock units on the 518ha hill country property Mangarata for the Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre. Mangarata has been using the farm software for two years, and it’s helping Ian keep his finger on the pulse.

“The information is right in front of you as a manager. I’m setting weight targets for mobs of R1 cattle or the ewe hoggets and 2-tooths. For example, if I want animals up to a certain weight in May, I can set targets for January and every month in between. Then I can compare what’s happening each month. There are no surprises.”

Now the other three farms run by Taratahi are also starting to use the software.


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Moment of truth for under-performing ewes

Posted by Team at FarmIQ on 16/06/15 14:28

Taratahi ewes: selected for bounce-back ability

At Mangarata Farm in Wairarapa they are selecting for ewes that will “bounce back” after lambing and conceive twins each year.

It’s part of fine-tuning a breeding and finishing operation that could quickly bring gains from producing more quality finishing lambs.


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