Adding Multi-Batches for Animal Heath Treatments

Team at FarmIQ on 30/07/21 10:05

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Delivering insight to farmers and helping them make better decisions is why we exist. Managing animal health and recording treatments administered is of upmost importance and a core feature we provide.

We have over 5.5 million Sheep, Deer and Cattle managed across our platform and over the years, have amassed 78 million treatments recorded. This is the reason why we’re excited to announce an important enhancement to Animal health treatments – the ability for farmers to apply multiple batches of the same product during a health treatment session.

Multiple Batches

Before this enhancement, our farmers only had the ability to record a single batch of the same product. It meant additional recording and made it harder to keep your inventory from getting out of whack.

We know it’s not how you farm, so we’ve released functionality to the web application that allows you to apply multi-batches in one treatment and then, most importantly, have those treatments reflected accurately in your diary, reports and treatment inventory.

“Farmers have asked for this enhancement and now FarmIQ lets you easily record part container use in the same health treatment session with our multi-batch enhancement”

Todd White – Head of Product

The great news for you is no more workarounds and a quick process for getting one or more batch details into FarmIQ. We’ve also made life easier for farmers by adding a super useful auto calculation and colour coding to indicate whether there is enough product in a batch remaining in inventory or not.

To get started, check out our short overview video included. If you need a full refresher on recording animal health treatments and how to add a multi batch treatment, view our online help article.

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