Enhancing NZ’s Pasture-to-Plate Story: FarmIQ earns FernMark Distinction

Team at FarmIQ on 31/03/22 10:00

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FernMark Licence

FarmIQ has been accepted into the FernMark Licence Programme for both FarmIQ and Farmax products, becoming the first New Zealand agricultural technology (agritech) company to earn the distinction.

Achieving the FernMark is a milestone in the FarmIQ and Farmax story, adding mana to the brand and its products. The recognition also helps strengthen New Zealand’s agricultural offering by adding another chapter to its pasture-to-plate story through our innovative use of technology.

FernMark is formal government recognition of a product’s connection to New Zealand and communicates the country of origin to consumers around the globe. New Zealand depends on its great reputation to thrive in key export markets and international consumers are willing to pay more if they can be assured that a product came from New Zealand.

“Having an iconic Kiwi Agritech company like FarmIQ telling their story to the world enhances the perceptions of
New Zealand – we are a country that creates innovation because we care about the land and the people. FarmIQ is a great demonstration of that ingenuity and care, and we welcome them to the FernMark programme” says New Zealand Story CEO, David Downs.

“FarmIQ and FARMAX products are proudly designed, built and supported in New Zealand for pastoral farming operations. We’re passionate about the agricultural industry, and it’s great for agri-technology like ours to be recognised as contributing to our industry and representing a different kind of Kiwi ingenuity,” says FarmIQ CEO, Will Noble.

Adding to the excitement is the inclusion of the FARMAX products under the licence. Last year, FarmIQ and Crown Research Institute (CRI), AgResearch, formed a strategic partnership with the acquisition of FARMAX - a decision support tool for farmers - to create an even more compelling proposition for New Zealand’s pastoral farmers. The inclusion of FARMAX acknowledges more than 30 years of New Zealand science, research, coding, and development that has gone into creating the FARMAX tools.

“It’s exciting to be the first Agritech business to achieve the NZ Story FernMark. Not only have we codified the Kiwi farming system to provide decision support, but the on-farm information collected on our systems also supports the provenance of New Zealand products and produce, in effect, assuring the story of our food and fibre in our premium export markets,” says Noble.

There are several FarmIQ and FARMAX products licensed under the FernMark and they can all be found on our licensee page on the FernMark website. 

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