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Team at FarmIQ on 14/07/22 02:23

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We’ve been working alongside the Figured team to deliver a data connection requested by many of our joint customers, and we are pleased to announce that stock transactions can now be automatically moved from FarmIQ into Figured. 

This includes births, deaths, sales and purchases, as well as sale and purchase weights. 

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Lost and found information, trait changes and ageing up events will all be transferred automatically to Figured as well.  

The integration provides you with a host of benefits including removing the pain of double entry, reducing costly errors between systems and saving time. Our pilot users are now saving at least a day’s worth of time each month thanks to only having to enter stock data once.  

The integration is free for both Figured and FarmIQ (Performance and Enterprise pack) clients, and the set-up is simple and fast. Check out our useful ‘how to connect’ video below. We also have a special offer for Everyday users to upgrade to Performance or Enterprise. 

Our partnership with Figured is just the beginning – we welcome feedback from our users on which other stock, production and financial features they would like to flow between the two systems.  

Benefits of the integration

Eliminate double entry 

By connecting FarmIQ and Figured, no longer will you waste time manually entering the same livestock information into different systems.  

Double entry becomes a thing of the past, giving you more time to spend on things that actually move the needle. 

Have confidence in the numbers 

There’s no reason you should have to put up with inconsistent data being reported across multiple systems.  

By automatically syncing stock transactions managed in FarmIQ with Figured, the entire farming team can easily collaborate to forecast and set financial plans using the most accurate and up-to-date farm information available. 

Make informed decisions 

Pairing your farm and financial data together connects all the pieces of the puzzle; past performance, present situation and future forecasts to bring you valuable insights about your business. In one place, you can easily understand where you are and where you’re heading, so you can make confident decisions for the future of your farm.  

Single source of truth 

FarmIQ’s stock reconciliation becomes the single source of truth for all your stock transaction data, giving everyone on the team – farmers, owners, farm boards, accountants and banks – more confidence in the numbers they are receiving. 

Join our webinar to see the integration in action 

In a live 45min webinar, see how integrating FarmIQ and Figured enables stock transactions managed in FarmIQ to automatically sync with Figured, allowing farmers and accountants to easily model and set financial plans using the most accurate and up-to-date farm information available. 

What we’ll cover in the webinar: 

  • A short introduction to FarmIQ and Figured 
  • How the integration works to save time and improve data accuracy by eliminating the need for manual double entry 
  • How stock transaction data (births, deaths, sales, purchases) flows between FarmIQ and Figured, and provides valuable insights across the farm to make more informed business decisions 
  • How to get the integration set up for your farm 
  • The chance to ask any questions you may have 

A recording will also be made available for those who register but are unable to attend the live webinar. 

When: Thursday 28 July, 11:00AM - 11.45AM

Register now

Setting up the integration

Before you begin the integration set up, you will need to do these three things: 

  1. Align the ageing dates 
  2. Set up your animal types and stock classes in Figured 
  3. Match the stock numbers 

Head here for more information on set up preparation.

Then you can follow this simple video guide to complete the data connection between your Figured and FarmIQ accounts. 

For any issues or more complex connections you are welcome to contact FarmIQ Support on 0800 327 647.  

The complete package

If you add FARMAX into the mix Farmax Logo_COL-1 and have the ‘three F’s of farming’ you’ll also be able to forecast and analyse production and environmental KPIs, as well as know your greenhouse gas number and make a reduction or sequestration plan.  

There is an existing integration between the red meat versions of FARMAX and FarmIQ, meaning you can enter stock rec information into FARMAX and it will automatically flow into FarmIQ and Figured. You only enter the data once, but you get the monitoring, modelling and forecasting benefits of three different tools.  

Using FarmIQ, Figured and FARMAX together gives you the most holistic, comprehensive and valuable understanding of where your farm is now and where it could be in future.  

Head to or call the Farmax HelpDesk on 0800 327 629 for more information. 

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