New Mobile Features: Stock List & Pasture Growth Rate

Team at FarmIQ on 04/08/22 02:15

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It’s been almost two months since the first release of the FarmIQ app, and we’re thrilled to deliver the first new features of our Mobile Roadmap - the Mobile Stock List and Pasture Growth Rate.

We launched the New Mobile Roadmap to help clarify the journey ahead for farmers, demonstrating our commitment to building more features, more frequently.

Engaging farmers at every step of the development journey has meant we’ve delivered a new farm management app that is simple to use and easy for farmers to reap the benefits from.

What's new for users

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Mobile Stock List

The Mobile Stock List provides farmers with greater oversight of their farming business. In the palm of their hand, farmers can see all the mobs on-farm in an easily filtered and sortable list view.

Now you can:

  • View the current mobs and tally
  • See the paddocks that mobs are in
  • Filter by stock type
  • Identify all mobs (including grazing stock)

For now, continue to record events in the FarmIQ Classic mobile app or web app to keep stock tallies up to date. 


Pasture Growth Rate

The pasture growth rate will be calculated if the paddock has not been grazed between two successive pasture cover measurements (not more than 40 days apart). 

Knowing the pasture growth rate at a paddock level is invaluable information for grazing management decisions.

The key benefits include:

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  • Knowing the growth rate for a few paddocks will indicate how much pasture is being added to the whole farm each day.
  • The growth rate can be compared to animal demand per hectare which will indicate if feed availability (average pasture cover) is increasing or decreasing.
  • The growth rate combined with the previous cover measurement can help estimate the current pasture cover for a paddock or how long it will take to achieve the desired cover for a future grazing event.
  • Comparing growth rates between paddocks over time will often indicate pasture production differences and help identify where land management improvements (pests/diseases, fertiliser, pasture species, drainage etc.) are most needed.

Make sure to update your app on either Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS to access the features.

What's up next

Here are some of the mobile app features and enhancements we're currently working on:

  • Creating an offline database: Enable farmers to record events whilst out on-farm.
  • Re-synchronisation of offline data with the main database.


  • Mobile Stock List: Adding a mob details screen will allow farmers to view the breakdown of a mob by stock class, breed and revenue group - including last treatments and weighing activities.
  • Pasture Growth Rate: A farmer will be able to determine what animals have been grazing in a paddock and for how long. 

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