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Team at FarmIQ on 20/06/18 04:28

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Making sure there are no surprises helps keep everyone on the farm safe, says Andrew Beijeman, the chief executive of Atihau-Whanganui Incorporation.

The Atihau-Whanganui Incorporation employs 45 staff and uses a large number of contractors to run nine units covering a total of nearly 42,000 ha in the Waimarino area, including one dairy unit.

One of the keys to a healthy and safe farm working environment is making sure people have good information – and that’s where the FarmIQ software comes in, Andrew says.

“We’ve got such large farms, and it’s about no surprises. We have recorded all the known hazards on an online map. It makes it easy to inform people who are coming on to the farm. This will probably be the biggest thing the software does for us that will improve our safety.”

“It’s a good visual - based on the location of the hazard. It means people can have a conversation about it.”

The recording of hazards on the map links automatically to a hazard register where information can be noted, including steps being taken to manage them.

“Health and safety recording in the FarmIQ software is easy to use and follow, even for those who aren’t as comfortable with computers," says Andrew.

If you would like to avoid any unwanted surprises on your farm find out more in the Ask Libby webinar here.

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