FarmIQ Software Update 19.5 - 28.01.2019

 Proof of application

Version 19.5 sees the launch of TracMap and a range of other bug fixes. It includes an update to both the desktop application and the mobile app.

We asked you what improvements we could make to FarmIQ to make your day-to-day life easier. We’re excited to announce that in our recent FarmIQ update we were able to solve some of your requests. Here’s a quick run through of our new features and functionality now available in FarmIQ. If you need help with any of the new stuff get in touch with our support team on 0800 FarmIQ (327 647).


TracMap Integration

Our new integration with TracMap Online means you can see your TracMap Proof of Application data in FarmIQ without having to type it in. Once you’ve connected your FarmIQ account to your contractor’s TracMap Online account – which is a quick and easy process - then any / all spreading jobs that are performed for you by that contractor will automatically appear in your Paddock History and Paddock Nutrient Reports, as well as your diary.

To access this new functionality, you’ll need to be on either the Enterprise Dairy or Enterprise Livestock pack.
To get set up give us a call on 0800 327 647. 


New Weight Predictor Report

This new report can help you to sell your stock at the right time. You can easily see which animals are ready to go to the processor now and predict when the others are likely to reach their target weights. When combined with the FarmIQ feed budgeting tool, this report can help you to plan how much feed and time is needed to reach your targets.

You can also predict your income ahead of time by seeing what weights your stock will be on the day you’ve booked them in at the works.

The Weight Predictor Report is available to customers on the Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs. To find out more give us a call on 0800 327 647 or check out the FarmIQ online help.


If you need any help setting up or using these new and updated features please give our friendly support team a call on 0800 327 647.