Use Case: Value Opportunities in Monitoring Kill Sheet Data

Team at FarmIQ on 08/03/22 08:30

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Analysing kill sheet data is essential in validating farm management practices. FarmIQ speeds up this process through automation to save you time, effort and resources.

Matt and Lynley Wyeth own and manage Spring Valley Enterprises. Based northeast of Masterton in the Wairarapa, they are a sheep and beef breeding and finishing business. Already a high-performing operation, there are generally only small incremental opportunities that Matt and Lynley see through better recording and analysis of their farm data. Spring Valley Enterprises turned to FarmIQ for accuracy and efficiency in their recording, and they've achieved some great results.

FarmIQ automatically integrates kill sheet data with Silver Fern Farms and ANZCO Foods, and this feature is available for all Performance and Enterprise pack users. The Wyeth’s are Enterprise Livestock users, solely supplying Silver Fern Farms, so leverage this integration to help better understand carcass weight and grading performance. The flexibility of FarmIQ also allows farmers to simply upload CSV files from other processors to gain the same insights.

For Spring Valley Enterprises, the results over the last four years show that the average carcass weight of all lambs processed is increasing, on average, by 200g/ per year. The average kill dates are also trending earlier, which gives confidence to Matt and Lynley that what they are doing is working. The year-on-year analysis provided in the full use case estimated a $5.73/hd benefit, which equated to $44,000 for Spring Valley Enterprises, by being able to get their lambs away three weeks in advance. 

Don’t spend hours trying to upload and analyse kill sheet data connect the dots at a few clicks of a button with FarmIQ. Download the full use case to read how they achieved these results.

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Use Case: Value Opportunities in Monitoring Kill Sheet Data

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