FarmIQ 2.0 is starting to gain weight...

We've yet to name it, but you get the gist. 

In 2010, FarmIQ began paving the way as New Zealand’s all-in-one farm management tool. The system was built on technology that you could liken to a 2010 Toyota Hilux - sexy at the time, still does a good job but is probably due for an upgrade. 

Last year, we launched a new mobile app to make it easier to record data on the go. In 2023, we're focussing on making things easier and faster to support Kiwi farmers at any stage of their digital journey. Today marks the starting point.

What can farmers expect to see? 

 📱💻 Your data security is of the utmost importance 

The first thing you’ll notice is a new login screen. We’ve shifted to a more modern and secure login process. Soon, every user will require a unique profile, which improves security, accountability and encourages more accurate recordings. The added bonus is that you'll only need to remember one login if you have access to multiple farms and you can take your profile with you if you shift to another farm. 

💻 A new-age web experience, making it easier to find what you need 

The next thing that will catch your eye is our new navigation menu. We’ve made it easier to navigate, so you can find what you need at speed. The fresh look and feel are simply a bit of a facelift - that ‘favourite shirt’ from 2010 was starting to look a little tired. 

We've also launched our new Stock List. “You already have a good one, though?” And this is where the new-age web experience comes in. We’re launching the new Stock List on a platform fit for 2023, which will help us transform the web experience to be simpler, faster and add more value for everyone. There will be a couple of new additions to the Stock List, including growth rates and withholding periods to help better keep an eye on things. 

New Web - Screenshot