Use Case: Utilising performance data to truly measure stock purchases

Team at FarmIQ on 28/01/22 11:00

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Measuring the impact of your purchasing decisions has never been as easier or accurate than with FarmIQ.  

Crystal Brook, based in southern Canterbury, rears around 600+ Friesian bull calves every year from July. They needed a farm management software solution that could help them make more qualified decisions based on animal performance data to truly measure suppliers and drive profitability.

FarmIQ’s Enterprise Livestock pack enabled Crystal Brook to hit the ground running. The ability to backdate data created real value from the outset, and the likes of the Tru-test device integration made uploading weight files from throughout the life of these bulls a breeze. As FarmIQ automatically integrates kill sheet data with ANZCO and Silver Fern Farms (also allowing CSV uploads from others) — the Cochranes’ were able to monitor carcass weights from purchase through to processing. A significant amount of data was able to be analysed efficiently with these integrations, providing essential insight when it came to measuring suppliers.

|"A significant amount of data was able to be analysed efficiently, providing essential insight when it came to measuring suppliers."

FarmIQ’s reporting group functionality enabled Crystal Brook to focus on profitability; they identified a significant feed-cost saving opportunity. The average value ($101 per head) to be made from their top supplier compared to the average of all calves purchased would’ve had resulted in a $60k saving for the business. The opportunity cost for this feed is where the profitable opportunities lie for Crystal Brook in the future.

Find out more about how Crystal Brook was able to achieve these results with FarmIQ - download a free copy of the use case.

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